PCA Apres Peel Hydrating Balm




Improve the overall appearance of aging skin with this light-textured
moisturizer containing chasteberry, soy isoflavones, and olive and wheat
germ oils.

Key Benefits

✓ A light-textured moisturizer that replenishes dry or aging skin
✓ Improves collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Antioxidants provide further skin protection for aging skin

Key Ingredients

+ Chasteberry Fruit Extract – hydrates the skin.

+ Soy Isoflavones – are a rich source of the antioxidant genistein that
help to improve the overall appearance of aging skin.

+ Olive Fruit Oil – a gentle emollient and a high source of antioxidant

+ Wheat Germ Oil – an effective emollient with a high percentage of
the omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA) gamma linolenic acid (GLA)
and vitamin E.

+ Hydrolyzed Milk Protein – an emollient and moisturizer.