PCA Acne Cream




Clear blemishes with this 5% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment including
gluconolactone to prevent dryness and irritation. Essential for those with acne.

Key Benefits

✓ Fast-acting benzoyl peroxide spot treatment to quickly clear acne blemishes
✓ The polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone supports breakout control and
soothes skin
✓ A host of soothing botanicals to reduce potential irritation

Active Ingredient

+ Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) 5% – penetrates pores to eliminate existing
acne lesions and prevent future breakouts.

Key Ingredients

+ Gluconolactone – a gentle antioxidant polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that is
calming, moisturizing and promotes a clear complexion.

+ Lactic Acid – an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) naturally found in milk and
sugars. It is part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and
moisturizes the skin.

+ Grape Seed Extract – a good source of the essential fatty acid (EFA) linoleic acid.

+ Tea Tree Leaf Oil – promotes a clear complexion.