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Acne Scarring – Aging – Sun Damage – Hyperpigmentation

Superficial chemical peels are multi faceted clinical procedures that are exceptionally effective for clearing acne and its residual scarring, softening fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin texture, improving hyperpigmentaion, firming, toning and brightening the skin.

We have customized our treatments into the following categories:

A very effective treatment using a solution of aha’s and bha’s to help clear acne, kill bacteria, correct pigment, smooth skin texture & tone, also softens the surface lines around the eyes and mouth. Depending on degree of condition, we apply a retinol and lactic acid to encourage healthy glowing clear skin. Tip: to win the battle over acne, you must have three weapons in your home care regimen: products to slough off the dead skin , kill acne causing bacteria and calm down inflammation.

Hyperpigmentation (dark spots), sagging skin and wrinkles. A real issue for sun loving baby boomers. To address the issues, we use a blend of trichloroacetic (tca) and lactic acids layered with a brightening formula of kojic and azelaic acids which leaves skin brighter, hydrated, plump and ultra soft. Hyperpigmentation is stubborn and several treatments are encouraged for you to achieve the anticipated results. If additional flaking and peeling is needed, we add a retinol creme to stimulate and hydrate the skin.

This blend of tca, aha’s combined with retinol is especially beneficial to treat dry/dehydrated, hyperpigmented, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged, menopausal skin. Final result is bright, plump, hydrated, rejuvenated, restored glowing skin.

We offer a gentle solution of low percentage tca and lactic acid to treat ethnic and sensitive skin types, including rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

This treatment helps to strengthen and brighten the skin. Also providing anti-inflammatory, anti- acne and anti-bacterial action. Very effective with virtually no irritation.

Highly recommended to prep the skin two weeks prior to peel for optimal results. Several treatments ( three to six) may be necessary to achieve desired results. Most of our peels require little to no down time.

Strongly encourage personalized home care regimen to assist with professional treatments.

Fantastic CLARIFYING treatment using a 20% salicylic acid mask combined with cherry extract to calm, soothe, freshen and brighten the complexion. This is ideal for active acne and rosacea skin types.

DETOX treatment is an excellent choice for purging the toxins out of the skin, killing bacteria, and for dissolving impactions This blend of aha’s and bha’s leaves skin hydrated, purified and clear.

A treatment that delivers a triple dose of OXYGEN into the skin, killing acne causing bacteria, removes skin suffocating toxins, awakens dull Òneeds a breath of fresh airÓ looking skin. Complexion is energized, clear and glowing.

Exfoliate and draw impurities out of the skin while introducing high levels of vitamins a,c and e through an enzyme infused PUMPKIN MASK. Intensely hydrating and brightening. Immediate glow after treatment.

Prices $79.00 to $125.00